Problems Associated with the Actions of Guns

During the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries literally hundreds of action variations were conceived, patented and modified by enterprising gunmakers in Britain, American, and on the Continent. The hammer gun added ejectors but was replaced by the hammerless gun. Principal variations of the hammerless gun include the boxlock, back-action, sidelock, and round-action designs of McNaughton and Dickson. Finally single triggers, self-opening and easy-opening actions caught the imagination of gunmakers and shooters alike. The gunsmith must possess specialist knowledge to properly repair and regulate these mechanisms. Proper maintenance demands a systems approach.

A critical component of all these actions, as well as the ejector and the trigger, is the spring. Parker guns have unique springs, ejectors, and related parts. The Purdey self-opening action contains a complicated spring, with an integral roller, that opens, fires, and cocks the action. The Churchill Hercules best boxlock and Premier best sidelock are easy-opening actions that are based on the Smith or Baker patents. Cogswell and Harrison, Rosson, and the famous 12/20 action used by various makers such as Charles Lancaster are other easy-opening actions that demand specialist knowledge for proper adjustment and repair.

Over time and heavy use, these actions are susceptible to misfiring. Only proper restoration, replacement, and regulation of the relevant action springs and related parts by a knowlegable craftman can restore original function and avoid further problems.

At Britannia Sporting Arms we correctly identify the relevant actions and diagnose these problems. We make and temper the proper springs and related parts to repair and regulate these, as well as the more common Holland and Holland style sidelock and Anson and Deeley boxlock actions, with confidence, knowledge and experience.

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