(Photograph of Stephan G. Hutton from Masters, Don; The House of Churchill, Safari Press, 2002, pg. 344. Mr. Hutton worked at Churchill's from 1972 to 1980 under Alan Lawrie who was a Gunmaker and Director of the Firm.)

Our Qualifications
Jobbing, recognized as the overhaul and repair of Best Guns, is unheralded. To be qualified the jobber must go through a long apprenticeship. The jobber possesses a deep knowledge of many Makers' guns and unique techniques. Often jobbing was featured in the Front Shop while the actual gun makers were confined to the upper floors or the Factory. The need to analyse and repair what laid before him, without doing harm to the era and manifestation of the gun, was a challenge the jobber was confronted with daily.

More than ever, given the age of Best Guns, owners are advised to overhaul and renew these artifacts of a more individual and genteel era so they can take these guns and rifles afield and shoot them with confidence in their function and appearance. This work is best left in the hands of the Gunmaker or an independent gunsmith qualified as a Jobber.

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