Work Undertaken to Original Specification and Quality

Yearly Maintenance Strip, clean, oil; touch-up stock finish; check general operation and adjust as required.
Stock Work Bend stock to suit; add recoil pads to length, fit rubber, best London pigskin or leather cover pads, add wood stock extension and checker to original manufacturers pattern, add ebony extension with appropriate pins, make new stocks and fore-ends of suitable wood.
Barrel Work If safe, lengthen chambers to 2 3/4" in 12-28 bore guns; raise and repair minor dents; prepare barrels for reblacking and Damascus barrels for rebrowning; tighten barrels to action (rejointing) by spray welding or fitting-in of new pins; best London-style reblacking; adjust and lap chokes; regulate shotguns and drillings.
Action Work A specialty - proper regulation of boxlock, hammer, round action, sidelock actions in standard, easy-opening and self-opening configurations; make new springs, pins and strikers; regulate and adjust triggers for safe operation, overhaul and time ejectors; finish and engrave to suit original style.
Restoration and Renewal Complete overhaul and restoration of sporting guns and rifles to Best Domestic, London and Birmingham standards, or beyond.

Britannia Sporting Arms


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